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Is exercise a daily ritual?

Have you ever declared you are going to exercise more and become fitter? We have gathered some of the Top tips from our experts on how to stay committed to becoming a fitter you. We want to hear from you on what has worked so make sure you drop us a line and share your success with the Yo Life community.

1. Before going to bed put your workout clothes in the bathroom. This way you have mentally committed to your training session the next day.

2. Before going to bed, allocate time to mentally prepare what exercise you are going to do the next day. Is it a 10-minute workout card, a PT, a morning walk, a swim, gym class or your own workout at the gym/home?

3. Set a goal on how many days per week you will commit to exercise and what days’ work best for you. Plan these days and times around your availability and commit to them no matter what.

4. Keep a weekly chart on your fridge and mark the days and times you will be exercising. Cross them off as you do them. Creating a simple reward system of acknowledgment can be encouraging.

5. Buy yourself a new outfit to wear to the gym or train in, something you feel great in and look forward to wearing. We’ve got quite the range in Yo Life Activewear

6. If you are just starting out a great idea is to commit with a buddy. Make each other accountable, no excuses.

7. If you prefer to train at home invest in some weights, resistance bands, skipping rope and foam rollers. Your own personal gym at home! 

8. Stay dedicated and consistent. These two mindsets will help with becoming motivated.

9. Book in with a Personal Trainer. PT’s can help you to stay accountable, and turn up. No one wants to throw away good money for a meeting they didn’t attend. They can also write up plans for you to follow when you come in on your own.

10. Make it fun. Exercise should be challenging and it should make you feel amazing when you’ve accomplished it. If you don’t like boxing then don’t do it, try something different. There are so many variations on exercise so give them a go and find something that puts a smile on your face. Is it HIIT, swimming, running, boxing, weights training, ninja courses, tennis, Pilates, a walk with a friend or loved one? You’ve got this!


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