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Yo Life launches first online health and fitness marketplace for Australian brands.

Looking to get fit, eat well, feel well, pamper yourself or simply chill out? And support Australian owned businesses and brands at the same time? Well now you can! It’s all thanks to Yo Life’s easy-to-navigate online marketplace, you can stop wasting time wondering where to look and find it all in one new, convenient home on the web.

Yo Life is all about being healthy, inside and out. The brainchild of busy Melbourne-based ‘mumtrepreneur’ Tracy Rennie, Yo Life seamlessly brings Australian buyers and sellers together in a one-stop digital marketplace, putting everything together in the one place so you can browse the easy way and find everything you need to live a healthy life, in one place.

“It’s a shopping destination on the web for busy people who like to stay healthy, fit and active” says Tracy. “Imagine a marketplace, like Amazon, but it’s Australian and dedicated to healthy living. We have thousands of products and hundreds of stores, which means, there really is something for everyone.”

The revolutionary webstore is a fully integrated marketplace, stocking only Australian brands, and is designed to be the ultimate one-stop-shop for fitness gurus, health lovers and mindful eaters alike.

As demand for Australian products and services continues to skyrocket and the need for convenience remains as important as ever, Tracy seized the opportunity to create a solution that Australian consumers and businesses were craving.

“There are so many amazing Australian companies who need help to build strong networks of engaged customers, especially with so much international competition.”

“I created Yo Life to tee them up with customers around the country and complimentary products to give them a more visible platform to sell the products and services which they have worked so tirelessly to produce,” says Tracy.

From fitness equipment like cross trainers, weight machines, yoga gear and more, to a complete range of health foods, nutrition, protein powders, shakes and supplements, you can even find health retreats, naturopaths and nutritionists for recovery, relaxation and healthier living.

With such a long list of suppliers and vast product offerings catering to all fitness regimes, dietary requirements and heath needs, Yo Life is a no-brainer for those looking to treat their body like a temple and live the high performance life of their dreams.

Having curated the brands herself, Tracy has ensured only premium quality products and services are offered on the site, giving shoppers complete confidence.

“It’s phenomenal to see this dream come to fruition and I hope it is a platform that inspires action and offers an incredible customer experience for both the consumers and businesses that use the platform,” she adds.

With Yo Life, you can find all the tools you need to succeed and feel confident in your choice to support Australian vendors.

What are you waiting for? It’s inside-out health at Yo Life, so check out the new store today at www.yolife.com.au.


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