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UNBOXED: FLEXTT leggings workout

UNBOXED: FLEXTT leggings workout
We’ve put these leggings through the Yo Life test and can confirm, they’re a winner!

When it comes to a pair of workout leggings, l look for comfort, support, a soft material, a higher waist band and most importantly they don’t fall down when l run. Oh, did l mention they have to look good!

We put FLEXTT, an Australian Activewear brand, to the test with a 20-minute workout and they’ve delivered on all these functions with an incredibly comfortable pant that has a thicker material, supports, and moves in all the right places, doesn’t fall down and is comfortable to wear all day.

These are seriously perfect gym clothes for women that want to feel good when they workout.

You won’t need any fitness equipment for this workout, just your own body weight and a bench, you could even use a chair.

Try this workout with 10 reps of each exercise and 3 times through, working your core, arms and boosting that cardio.

*tip – this is a great morning routine as it gets the heart rate up, fueling your body and brain with energy throughout the day.

You’ll find the FLEXTT range available on Yo Life.

From leggings, supportive crops, shorts, tops, hoodies and activewear sets, FLEXTT is a brand you can’t live without. Check them out and workout!


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