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Turmeric the ‘super spice’

From humble beginnings to a global growth story, Golden Grind have been on the forefront of the Turmeric revolution.

With scientific evidence backing up why we should all be on the turmeric train, find out how Golden Grind have created a unique product range to share the amazing benefits this ‘super spice’ has to offer.

Before hipsters began serving Turmeric lattes in the coolest café’s in Collingwood, Sage and her sister Tahli were serving them at the family café, in hills of ‘The Dandenongs’ on the fringes of Melbourne. Inspired by their Mum, they were raised with an organic, sustainable outlook, which Sage jokingly calls her “hippie upbringing”, where learning about the natural medicinal benefits of turmeric was just how things were.

With Tahli’s food scientist background, a growing demand for turmeric lattes and a gap in the market, Golden Grind was launched in 2016 and has soothed inflamed joints ever since.

Want to find out about the medicinal of Turmeric and hear more about the Golden Grind growth story? Watch the video and join the golden revolution…


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