Salt Labs miracle Magnesium

Magnesium. We’ve all heard about it, but what is it and how can it help your body?

We spoke to, Clementine Beale, the Founder of Salt Lab, about her journey to create a successful Magnesium business. With a background in personal training, health coaching and nutrition, her knowledge in the health and wellness space is expansive.

Despite being a health professional, after years of running a gym, working long hours and doing “all the right things”, Clementine still felt burnt out. After speaking with experts, and doing a lot of research, she was recommended to try Magnesium and it had an immediate, positive impact on her wellbeing.

After her initial success, she was motivated to share her experience with the world and from there, Salt Lab was born.

It’s fair to say, when you meet Clementine, she oozes passion for health and wellness and is a strong advocate for an organic lifestyle. We love a ‘go-getter’ at Yo Life.

Want to hear the full Salt Lab story and learn all about their amazing magnesium products? Watch the video and join the Magnesium revolution…

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