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Gluten Free AU Grass Fed Cattle High in Amino Acids Free from rBGH No GMO’s No Artificial Ingredients

Rich Chocolate



Australian Micellar Casein , Cocoa Powder, Natural Flavouring, Guar Gum (Natural Thickener) Stevia (Steviol Glycosides) *contains milk


Rich Chocolate Per 30g Serve Per 100gEnergy 432Kj 1440KjCalories 103cal 344calProtein 20.2g 64.4gFat, total 0.7g 2.4g– Saturated 0.5g 1.6gCarbohydrates 3.9g 13.1g– Sugars 1.4g 4.7gSodium 37mg 125mg

Amino Acid Profile per 30g

EssentialNon EssentialIsoleucine 1.03g Histidine 0.54gLeucine 1.74g Alanine 0.62gLysine 1.48g Arginine 0.65gMethionine 0.43g Aspartic Acid 1.38gPhenylalanine 0.88g Cysteine 1.40gThreonine 0.89g Glutamic Acid 3.69gTryptophan 0.22g Glycine 0.36gValine 1.20g Proline 1.40gSerine 1.12gTyrosine 0.85g

French Vanilla


Australian Micellar Casein , Natural Flavouring, Guar Gum (Natural Thickener) Stevia (Steviol Glycosides) *contains milk


French Vanilla Per 30g Serve Per 100gEnergy 440Kj 1468KjProtein 20.4g 67.9gCalories 105cal 351calFat, total 0.3g 1.1g– Saturated 0.2g 0.8gCarbohydrates 5.5g 18.2g– Sugars 1.4g 4.5gSodium 28mg 92mg

Amino Acid Profile

EssentialNon EssentialIsoleucine 1.03g Histidine 0.54gLeucine 1.75g Alanine 0.61gLysine 1.47g Arginine 0.65gMethionine 0.42g Aspartic Acid 1.39gPhenylalanine 0.88g Cysteine 1.32gThreonine 0.90g Glutamic Acid 3.72gTryptophan 0.22g Glycine 0.36gValine 1.21g Proline 1.78gSerine 1.13gTyrosine 0.86g



Australian Micellar Casien *contains milk


RAW Per 30g Serve Per 100gEnergy 449Kj 1459KjCalories 107cal 357calProtein 24.5g 81.5gFat, total 0.4g 1.3g– Saturated 0.3g 0.9gCarbohydrates 1.4g 4.7g– Sugars 1.4g 4.7gSodium 29mg 95mg

Amino Acid Profile

EssentialNon EssentialIsoleucine 1.24g Histidine 0.45gLeucine 2.10g Alanine 0.74gLysine 1.77g Arginine 0.79gMethionine 0.51g Aspartic Acid 1.67gPhenylalanine 1.06g Cysteine 1.67gThreonine 1.08g Glutamic Acid 4.47gTryptophan 0.27g Glycine 0.44gValine 1.45g Proline 2.14gSerine 1.36gTyrosine 1.03g

2 Table Spoons = 1 Scoop

You have probably thrown away heaps of scoops from all the bags of protein you’ve purchased over time

You only need 1 and if you’ve lost it or thrown it away a 30g scoop is equivalent to 2 table heaped spoons

Think about it.

Our Ingredients

SFA strictly does not add any artificial ingredients or fillers and only add’s ingredients to achieve a specific purpose.

Natural flavouring is used to achieve the flavouring

Stevia Extract (Rebaudioside A 98%) is used to achieve the sweetness

Guar Gum is also used to increase the thickness when the protein powder is utilized to make a shake which also adds to the texture.

What are the benefits of MC?

The main benefit of Micellar Casein(MC) protein is that it is a slow release protein.

Unlike WPI or WPC which remains soluble in the stomach and is emptied rapidly and peak’s of a higher magnitude, MC is converted into a solid clot and is emptied much more slowly in the stomach and at more of a constant rate

When is the best time to consume the shake?

To gain the most benefits, its best to consume before bed to promote protein synthesis and inhibit catabolism during sleep.

SFA MC should be consumed several hours before bed. MC can also be consumed anytime during the day as a meal replacement

Mix 30g(one level scoop) of SFA MC into 250ml of water or milk into a shaker and dissolve. Use less liquid for a stronger taste and thicker consistency.

What is the difference between Whey protein and Casein protein?

Whey protein and Casein proteins are both naturally occurring proteins in dairy milk. Casein make’s up ~80% of protein in dairy milk and the ~20% remainder is made up by whey protein.

There are three different types of proteins found in milk and they are: caseins, lactalbumins, and lactoglobulins, which all fall under the category globular proteins.

Both casein and whey proteins are by-products of the cheese production. The liquid by-product is the whey portion which is washed and dried into powder form to be used in food products or dietary supplements. The remaining curds of casein are dried to create protein powder or added to dairy products.

Why do we need protein and amino acid’s in our diet?

A protein consists of amino acids linked to peptide bonds. Dietary Protein is broken down by two enzymes in the gastrointestinal tract into dipeptides and tripeptides which eventually are broken down to amino acids(catabolism) when consumed, which the body absorbs and utilizes for many physiological functions.

Amino acids have enormous physiological importance such as cell-specific production of low-molecular-weight metabolites.

The most common physiological function of amino acids that is known generally is the anabolism(synthesis) of new protein’s within the body and also the repair of muscle tissue. Some more example’s are as follow’s; support of spermatogenesis, fetal survival and growth, blood circulation, resistance to infectious disease, as well as skeletal muscle mass and health.

It is important for one to ensure that at the very minimum the RDA of protein is met to ensure that there is no risk of protein deficiency. Protein deficiency has health consequence’s and causes multiple clinical syndromes.

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