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Labels can be misleading and store-bought kombucha drinks can have a lot of hidden nasties that are bad for you and your family. Skip the added sugar and start brewing your own kombucha at home with these conveniently designed kits that step you through the process so you’re a pro in no time. Click ‘add to cart,’ it’s that simple!

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Hemp Kombucha Starter Kit

Hemp Kombucha Starter Kit

$99.00 Free AU Shipping Over $ 100

  For the DIY people who want to brew their own flavours and quantities, our Hemp Kombucha home brew kits…

Starter Kit Refill – Tea, Sugar, Oil

Starter Kit Refill – Tea, Sugar, Oil

$39.00 Free AU Shipping Over $ 100

Once you’ve brewed your first batches of Hemp Oz Kombucha using the Starter Kit, you can replenish your ingredients by…

4L Deluxe Kombucha Tea Brewing Kit Organic Scoby!

Whether you’re just starting out, or an old hand, Karl Kombucha Starter Kits make home brewing your own probiotic-rich Kombucha…