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Gym mats, yoga mats, fitness mats… Call them what you like, just get your own. In terms of fitness accessories, It’s important to have the right gear and gym mats are essential.
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Xpeed 10mm Fitness Mat

 Xpeed 10mm Fitness Mat From the beginner to the professional athlete the Xpeed Exercise Mat is designed with performance in…



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BLACKROLL® MAT Premium quality fitness mat “Made in Germany” in a size suitable for advanced athletes and experienced yogis  …

Xpeed Harmony Yoga Mat

Xpeed Harmony Yoga Mat Feel at one with the Xpeed Harmony Yoga mat. A high quality, eco friendly mat featuring…

Xpeed Ab Mat

 Xpeed Ab Mat If you’ve ever done the CrossFit workout ‘Annie’ you would have been introduced to an ab mat.…

Xpeed Spirit Yoga Mat

Spirit Yoga Mat The Xpeed Spirit Yoga Mat is the non-slip, eco friendly yoga mat that you can’t live without.…

Xpeed Soul Yoga Mat

Soul Yoga Mat Created for mindful movement the Xpeed Soul Yoga mat is inspired by our intelligent X-Alignmarkings. These are…