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Soothe your skin and show yourself some love with these Australian brand massage oils and creams, perfect for helping you relax or to add some sensual luxury to your routine. There’s something for every occasion here at Yo Life, so see what’s on offer here.
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Karma Rub Night Creme 100gm

KARMA RUB NIGHT CREME All natural magnesium based night cream can be used body wide for application of dry skin,…

Tei-Fu Massage Lotion

Tei-Fu Massage Lotion

$31.95 Free AU Shipping Over $ 100

Tei-Fu massage lotion is a unique blend of anciently known oils and Emollients. It applies smoothly to the skin penetrating…

Organic Hemp Massage Oil (Relaxation)

Organic Hemp Massage Oil (Relaxation)

$24.95 Free AU Shipping Over $ 100

This deeply-penetrating Hemp Massage Oil enters deep into your dermal layers, providing your skin and muscles with hydration and nourishment…