Get fit with Yo Fam in Lockdown

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Living in isolation means playgrounds are shut, sports facilities are in lockdown and gyms have closed their doors. To get through this whilst maintaining some level of fitness, we need to be creative and find fun ways for everyone to stay active.

As a Personal Trainer and health enthusiast, l know the importance exercise has on our minds and bodies. Medical professionals say, adults need between 2-5 hours of physical activity per week and kids need around 60 minutes per day, which many people simply aren’t getting during the lockdown. Exercise strengthens muscles, improves flexibility and helps to maintain a healthy heart, lungs and joints. Importantly, it also helps with concentration and focus.

Given we’re all climbing up the walls and experiencing ‘cabin fever’, it’s important to find a space and make time for exercise.

At Yo Life we’re ridiculously passionate about fitness and love to have fun while we do it. This is why we developed a series of exercise sessions that combines dance, fitness and good times for the whole family.

So, stream us on the big screen, turn the volume up and get the whole family to have some fun and break the monotony.

Each session is suitable for all ages and all fitness levels.

We look forward to training with you!

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