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Faebella: Amazing Indigenous Activewear

Activewear that gives back to Indigenous artists. Speaking to Alisha, the brainchild behind an Australian Activewear brand Faebella was an absolute treat.

After launching with a university grant, Alisha tells the amazing story of Faebella, and how she creates incredible activewear by weaving the stories and artwork of Australian indigenous culture.

Alisha is passionate about her heritage and supports Indigenous artists through her unique activewear range. The Faebella range includes activewear singlets, full-length leggings, Capri leggings, and shorts with each piece telling a story.

"My grandmother and my mother would always say that when they saw a feather lying on the ground, it meant someone was near you from the spirit world, and they were just checking on you. I always make sure I say hello, and most of the time I can tell who it is. Messengers have the bright blue of the sky, the red of the dirt, the black of the dust, the yellow of the sun, and the black and white of the Goodooga Magpies, proud history of football."

Faebella is designed to give back in more than just the comfort and style of each piece. Every time you buy Faebella, you support an indigenous artist who received accumulated royalties fees from every product sold incorporating their artwork.

Check out the Faebella store on Yo Life.


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