Eat your way to health

Diagnosed with poly cystic ovarian syndrome in her early 20’s, Tris Alexander had to ask herself “what am I doing with my lifestyle, is this impacting my health and what could l do to support it”.

We were privileged to speak with Tris who is a wealth of information on fitness and nutrition, a passionate meal prepper and an all-rounder authentically beautiful human. Tris explained, whilst competing in fitness competitions she really noticed how nutrition not only had a huge impact on her sports performance, she felt positive effects in her everyday life, stating “Not only did it support the management of Poly cystic Ovarian Syndrome I was experiencing, I had a lot more energy to get through my day”.

This fascination lead Tris to began studying a bachelor of health science in nutritional medicine and she absolutely fell in love with nutrition and with the industry.

If you follow Tris Alexander Nutrition on Instagram you’ll see she is a big believer of meal prepping. Whether it’s writing out a weekly meal list, buying enough food for the week or spending time on a Sunday prep for the week.

Tris has some fantastic and easy ideas and recipes to help you stay focused and prep like a professional.

Watch the video to find out more about morning routines, staying motivated and some great nutrition tips.

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